PromoMii is an AI-driven video editing and analytics SaaS platform.

Our algorithm analyses the footage and creates promos and trailers from original
movies/series/videos in minutes.

We are solving a pressing problem for broadcasters and streaming platforms not having enough time or money to create trailers/clips/promos for digital and social media.

We help alleviate creatives and marketeers from manual, labor-intensive tasks of video editing
and idea validation by streamlining post-production, allowing creatives to produce multiple videos in minutes.

This means, that users of our platform have more time to focus on a solid and creative end-product, as they don’t waste hours on boring and time-consuming tasks.

We are bridging the gap between the increasing video-content consumption demands
and production capacity with a further solution for mass content personalisation in an
easy-to-use, cost and time-efficient manner.