Improving AI For Entertainment

By PromoMii
July 25, 2019

The replicator from Star Trek is now being produced IRL by US government funded scientists (that’s the futuristic microwave with the power to fabricate anything). They can already manipulate atoms into new chemical combinations, playing god on a particle scale using surely the last sci-fi classic left standing: nanobots (no, the nanobots don’t have hoverboards. Yet.) This is brilliant stuff, and hints at a limitless future where the physical world is digitised. This current of digitisation is twinned with that other great abstraction, globalisation, and both are unstoppable.
This future is dynamic, responsive.

Already entertainment consumers are railing against the static, demanding vibrant, personalised experiences. To create these we need new kinds of tools which are also dynamic and responsive, turning video creatives from one-man-bands into conductors with full orchestras at their fingertips. Their scope is magnified. With new tools, new types of products can emerge in unforeseeable ways. The software offered by PromoMii not only saves producers time, but is an invitation to experiment. By instantly categorising and indexing video content, workflow metamorphs: organisational speed unlocks editorial avenues previously left unexplored. So not only can you bash out a quick edit that works in record time if that’s what’s required, but you also have the space to craft and hone your project into newly discovered patterns. Editing without AI software will one day seem as archaic as hand-splicing analog film: are you ready for some new toys?