Supercharge Content Discovery Or Disappear

By PromoMii
May 30, 2018

In 2007, Forbes magazine dubbed Nokia the ‘King of mobile’. Who would have ever thought they would be struggling 10 years later to make ends meet? One could make many speculations as to why, but therein begs two key questions: did they innovate? And were they too rigid to adapt to the changing market?

In the face of Video On Demand services, many say the same could apply to the TV industry. This, with a lack of content discovery developments could lead to a bitter end.

Increasingly, consumers spend more and more time searching for content than actually watching it. About an hour per day is spent searching for what to watch on TV or on demand, a problem that shouldn’t exist with the technology we have available to us today. What consumers usually find when they search for content are text description and images, provided to them through various platforms that subscribe to enriched metadata. What they seldom will find, however, is the most effective information asset available to base viewing decisions on: trailers.

At PromoMii we are addressing this problem head on! In a TV market saturated with content, we help broadcasters get more market share on TV shows by collecting their trailers and distributing them to audiences when they’re searching for content. Through digital platforms, such as TV service providers, TV related publishers and TV Guides, we engage and help consumers discover new content wherever they are, whenever they want, on whatever device they’re using.

There are many speculations on where TV is headed. By 2020, it is projected only 1 in 10 consumers will be watching TV as couch potatoes become less and less of an occurrence. This fact is being spearheaded by the next generation, whilst the average length of viewership is ~6 hours per week, 16-19 year olds spend almost 10 hours per week watching on demand. Regardless of where and how consumers view content one thing is certain: broadcasters will keep producing TV shows, those TV shows will be promoted with trailers, and PromoMii will be there to help consumers find them.